Freight & Transportation Policy

Freight & Transportation Policy

Please contact customer service or your sales representative for updated freight rates, zones or shipping options. Minimum order requirements and freight charges are subject to change.

BACK ORDERS: Valid back order items (less than 90%) will be shipped prepaid on our truck with customers next order.

MERCHANDISE RETURN POLICY: No returns will be accepted until a material return authorization form has been processed and approved by the sales office.

  1. All authorized returns will be subject to a 20% service charge and return freight charges where applicable.
  1. Special orders, broken cartons, or damaged material are not returnable for credit.
  1. Credit will not be issued for materials purchased after a period of ninety days (90) from invoice date.
  1. In order to process your credit it is necessary to have invoice numbers and date of the original purchase.

BROKEN CARTON POLICY: A 20% up-charge will be assessed on all broken cartons, no returns.

The use of a common carrier or Quality Aluminum will be at the discretion of the shipping department in accordance with sound shipping practices.

Freight charges for all shipments that do not meet the minimum requirement for a prepaid shipment will be added to the invoice as freight charges.

All merchandise will be shipped via Quality Aluminum whenever possible and will be shipped at our discretion.

A fuel surcharge may be added at our discretion if necessary.


COATINGS: Dura Coat XT-20 single coat. Baked on polyester, coated over prime coat.

GLOSS: 10 to 14 on 60 Degree Digital Gloss Meter. ASTM Test D523-80

FLEXIBILITY: No removal of finish with 610 Scotch Tape on @T Blend. ASTM: D-4145-83 PVC: No removal of finish with 610 Scotch Tape on OT Blend. ASTMD 0-4145-83

PENCIL HARDNESS: F-2H Eagle Turquoise - ASTM D-3363-92A PVC: 2B Eagle Turquoise - ASDM D-3363-92A

ADHESION: Excellent. ASTM D 4146

IMPACT: No visual cracking or finish release when subjected to impact in inch pounds equal to one and one half times the metal thickness. ASTM D2794-93.

HUMIDITY RESISTANCE: No loss of gloss, cracking or peeling after 500 hours @ 100% relative humidity. ASTM D 2247-86A.

SALT SPRAY RESISTANCE: No under-cutting of film from edges in excess of 1/16" or face blistering after 1,000 hours @ 5% neutral salt spray. ASTM B 117-85.

EXTERIOR EXPOSURE: A. FADE: Max. 5 units after 10 years at 45° south Florida Exposure after removal of external deposits. ASTM D 2244-85.

B. CHALK: Max. 6 units rating on all colors with the exception of white within 10 years at 45° south Florida Exposure. ASTM D 659-86.

DRY FILM THICKNESS: .75 - .85 mils PVC 3.3-3.7 mils.